Homewood Real Estate Information

With Samford University as well as the Vulcan Monument, which is the biggest statue made of cast iron not just in America, but the world, Homewood, Alabama, is considered one of the trendiest areas in Birmingham.

Homewood is a popular location for young professionals and entrepreneurs, many people are attracted to the area because of it's location, so close to the city, and also because it boasts a huge array of beautiful old houses for sale. The majority of these properties have a high price tag, and include colonials standing at two stories tall as well as condominiums located just outside of town.

For many residents, Homewood is appealing because of the high level of luxury offered in an area surrounded by forests and boasting plenty of sun light all year round, all while living only minutes away from the city in Birmingham.

Homewood also offers a more urban experience for those seeking it, with many condominiums to choose from, while still providing many homes ideal for quieter suburban life varying in price from $162,000 all the way up to $1 million. There is something for everyone here, and no will be disappointed.