Vestavia Hills Real Estate Information

Situated in the Appalachian Chain foothills you fill the the city of Vestavia Hills, sitting atop the Shades Mountain. Vestavia Hills overlooks the foothills to the south, and locals can enjoy a panoramic view of Shades Valley to the north.

The foliage of the area is constantly changing, and is a home to many spectacular sunsets. It is thought this is what first caught the eye of George Ward in 1920. A former mayor of Birmingham, Ward was many things, including a naturalist and idealist. He would frequently visit Greece and Italy and found himself especially impressed by the Temple of Vesta in Rome. In fact, upon returning from one of his trips he commissioned an architect and tasked him building a home fashioned after the afore mentioned temple. Later, he had a gazebo erected in the garden to serve as an entry point to a bird aviary, again modeled after a temple; this time the Temple of Sybyl, near Rome.

After Ward's death the temple was turned into a restaurant, before later serving as a church. Sadly, it was destroyed years later.

1946 saw Charles Byrd plan and begin development of Vestavia Hills in such a way that it could accommodate 1,000 residents. At the time of it's 50th anniversary in the year 2000, it's population had risen to over 24,000 people.